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Welcome, Welkom, Wamkelekile, Willkommen, Dar la bienvenida,


Dr Gustav was born in Zambia in 1956 and moved to Cape Town after growing up in Gauteng. 31 Years ago he was moved by the needs of the people of Kraaifontein in Cape Town South Africa and chose to re-establish him and his family in this community.

Having a great love for people and being moved with compassion for the lost and dying, he initiated several outreaches in this community.

He founded the Kraaifontein Christian Revival Centre in 1981, which is also known today as Lofdal International. He planted several other ministries in his 38 years of ministry and is fathering several in South Africa as well as Internationally.

Lofdal International in Cape Town, has 3 campuses and is facilitating more than 15 services on a Sunday. The ministry has 20 satellite churches that are being mentored by Dr. du Toit.

Due to the great unemployment rate that is increasing the outreaches grew from “help in a time

of need” to a great organization that is

providing more than a 120 000 meals to different impoverished areas with in the Western Cape.

Dr Gustav is the senior founder of Lofdal Community Projects. Not only is Lofdal Community Projects providing food to those in need, but also education to a 253 students in it’s academic school: Lofdal Christian Academy.

Lofdal Community Projects currently has the following projects available to the community as an evangelistic tool and to uplift and to empower them:


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Dr Gustav du Toit

FEB 2020


Jesus is preached and demonstrated through these different acts of Mercy.

We are also praying about starting a “House of Life” where we will take in unwed mothers that instead of having abortions would rather place their children in foster care or give them up for adoption.

Future Developments:

We are excited to start a Chicken Farm to aid our soup kitchen in providing more nutritional meal, as well as creating jobs to those in desperate need.

Lofdal international has several Outreach programs to the community of Kraaifontein and Cape Town. Listed below you would find the different programs we facilitate.

  1.    Soup Kitchen in several different areas  

      of Cape Town South Africa

•    Academic School with 253 students

  1.    Drug rehabilitation centers for both

      men and women

•    2 Safe Houses for abandoned babies

•    Farming Project

International Influence

Dr. Gustav is part of the Haggai Institute where he is involved with the training of leaders across the world.


Dr Gustav has been honored as the Honorary Chaplain for the State of Louisiana in 2003 and has acted as the speaker at various

                           International Campaigns for

                           the last 8 years.


Lofdal’s Ministries to the Community

Dr Gustav was nominated as one of 10 674  

nominations, for Athens 2004 Olympic Torch
Relay in Cape Town. Coca Cola passed the

largest majority of opportunities, to carry the
Olympic Flame, to ordinary people who are

inspiring others.